Tony Kart is the flagship brand of the OTK Kart Group, an Italian-manufactured leader in the karting industry. The brand was born in the 60s and has developed in line with the spirited discipline of competition karting within Italy first, and then throughout the world. The largest of Tony Kart’s breakthroughs came in the 80s when, with their newly acquired property, the transition was made from what was a small craft business in to a real manufacturing company built for the karting world. This was visually symbolised by the introduction of the green color to the chassis which still characterises the Tony Kart brand today, born over the years to become a key signature for the victories achieved and for the quality offered.




Cristal Mix is an additive for the waterproofing and self-sealing of concrete by internal crystallization. Cristal Mix is easily added to fresh concrete at the batch plant or directly in the ready mix trucks. Cristal Mix improves concrete by creating a waterproofing and self-sealing mixture and reducing the shrinkage cracks. This solution is economically advantageous if compare to the membrane systems and increases concrete’s durability. Cristal Mix works continuously to prevent moisture from penetrating through the concrete creating a chemical reaction within the pores and capillaries to enhance the hydration process of the cement component within the concrete.